Why You Should Hire a Professional Pet Sitter

Vs. Family, Friends, and Neighbors

It might be tempting to ask a neighbor, friend, or family to check on Fluffy or Sparky while  you’re away in exchange for a new house plant or some cookies. But are your pets getting the  best care?  

I recently spoke to a friend who hired a co-worker’s daughter to watch her pup. “She was a  friend so I trusted that she would take good care of my dog. I find out from talking to her that she  crated my dog during the night and didn’t sleep here, even though I paid her to,” she told me.  

Unfortunately, it’s common for non-professional sitters to not be able to dedicate special care to  your pet. Here’s a few reasons why you should always hire a professional pet sitter or dog walker  for your pets.  

Professional Pet Sitters are Dedicated to Making You and Your Pet Happy.  

A professional pet sitter is here for you and your pet. My goal is to give you peace of mind while  you are away while providing your pet with the best care possible. Family, friends, and neighbors  might have time to pop in and give your pet food and water, but a professional pet sitter  dedicates time to not only basic care, but personalized play and grooming. All based on your  preferred schedule! You can always count on an update complete with photos and how our time  was spent together after each visit!  

If you are a new customer, I will always propose a meet and greet before our scheduled care.  Together, we can ensure that your pet will remain safe, happy and healthy while you are away!  This is a great time to tell me about any special care needs, exercise routine, and of course,  favorite toys and treats! 

Professional Pet Sitters Know Pets 

You will have peace of mind knowing a professional pet sitter is caring for your pet. Professional  pet sitters know pet behaviors. I will get to know your pet’s specific personality and note general  behaviors to keep your pet happy and comfortable!  

Understanding pet behavior will keep my interaction with your pet stress-free and safe.  Professional pet sitters can also spot small behavioral changes that others might not, including: 

1. Unusual or changes in eating  

2. Unusual or changes in drinking 

3. Dry, flaky, or rough coat 

4. Unusual or changes in urination or stool 

5. Vomiting

6. Other unusual behaviors or symptoms 

Professional Pet Sitters Will Keep Your Pet Safe 

Whether your pet is an expert door dasher or needs a watchful eye at the park, a professional pet  sitter has the experience and training to keep your pet safe.  

Walks with a professional pet sitter will always be on-leash and will never include off-leash dog  parks which can be hot spots for fights and aggression. Your pup will also always receive one on-one care and pack walking will be avoided.  

Professional Pet Sitters Provide Specialized Care 

When your pet has special medical needs, you can rely on a professional pet sitter to give the  appropriate medications and the right doses at their scheduled time. Family, friends, and  neighbors may not have the experience to give medicine in a stress-free way and on the right  schedule. Does your kitty prefer to be a purrito when she takes her meds? I can do that! 

Professional Pet Sitters are Insured and Bonded 

Insured and bonded may sound like gibberish, but it’s important gibberish. This means that your  pet sitter is in fact running a legitimate business.  

Hiring a professional pet sitter that is insured financially protects you from accidents, damage, or  even theft that can happen when your sitter is caring for your pets.  

If your pet is injured during a sitter’s care, you can have peace of mind knowing that vet  costs will be covered by this insurance.  

Insurance will also finically protect you if your pet happens to injure another person  while in the sitter’s care – such as nipping at a pedestrian’s leg while on a walk.  

If a sitter accidently leaves your door unlocked and your house is broken into, you will be  financially protected for the theft. 

Bonding protects you against any losses when a sitter is caring for your pet. This includes  compensation in the event of theft or property damage. Bonding also protects you if the pet sitter  steals something – don’t worry, this would never happen under my care! 

Professional Pet Sitters LOVE Pets 

We are professional pet sitters because we honestly love pets. And we want your pet to love us! I  will go the extra mile to be your pet’s best friend and make sure that we have the best time, with the best care, together! So, next time you need care for your pet, consider skipping begging your friends and family.  Interested in learning more about me? Contact me here! I can’t wait to meet your pet!

Sarah Schloerb

Founder of Sit Stay NJ

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