The Truth About Why Your Cat Sleeps With You

Ok, of course your cat loves you. But does your cat sleep with you out of love, or another  reason? Here are five reasons your furry feline may choose sleeping in bed with you over  their favorite box! 

1. Your cat sleeps with you for warmth.  

A human’s average body temperature is around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit – your feline friend’s  body temperature hovers around 102. degrees Fahrenheit. This means that your cat is more  tolerable to hot temperatures in the summer, but more sensitive than us humans to colder  temperatures. This may explain why your cat seeks out those sun spots, curls up in your fresh,  warm laundry, and the 1000 other weird places you find your feline friend! And at night when  you’re curled up in your warm bed radiating heat – what better place to snooze than your body?  And, BONUS, if your cat wants to go straight to the source of heat escaping from your body –  your head is just the place to go!  

2. Your cat sleeps with you for safety. 

There are lots of ways cats show they trust you and feel safe around you. They may give you  “the slow blink”, flop of their backs for a tummy rub, or sleep with you. Sleeping is a very  vulnerable time for any animal, cats included. When little, kittens will sleep in a “kitten puddle”  near mom for safety. As they grow up and separate from the litter, their senses will fully develop.  Ever notice your kitty’s ears still moving around, picking up noises while they sleep? Cats are  highly sensitive and ready to wake and bolt when needed. Choosing you as a safe place to sleep  should be flattering. Even more flattering – when they sleep or lie with their butt facing you!  While not so appealing, this is, in fact, an ultimate sign of trust to have their back towards you! 

3. Your cat is claiming you as theirs.  

Did you know that cats have scent glands in their cheeks, lips, forehead, paw pad, and tails,  among a few other places? These scent glands release chemicals called pheromones. Pheromones  are used to communicate with other cats – it can tell cats about their reproductive status, bond  with them, or in our case – mark their territory. So, every time your cat climbs up on you, head  bumps you, and begins to make biscuits – know that they are laying on a heavy layer of scent  claiming you as theirs. I suppose that really is true love. This may also explain why your cat likes  to rub along your legs, or along the chair, and all of those other objects its claiming within its  territory. Yes, it is in fact the cat’s house and you just live there.  

4. Your cat sleeps with you because they love you.  

Those purrs, biscuits, kisses, and feeling of safety; they all lead up to one conclusion. You and  your pet share a special bond. Of course, they love you!  

As long as your kitty isn’t disrupting your schedule or putting your allergies in hyperdrive –  sleeping together is great a way to bond with your feline friend. Studies even show that sleeping  with your pet can reduce stress and anxiety, providing you with better sleep!

Sarah Schloerb

Founder of Sit Stay NJ

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